Van Hollen Statement on Senate Rejection of “Cut, Cap and End Medicare”

Jul 22, 2011 Issues:

Washington, DC – Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, today released the following statement following the Senate vote to table H.R. 2560, the “Cut, Cap and End Medicare” bill.

“Today’s vote by the Senate, rejecting the Republicans’ attempt to enshrine their radical agenda in the Constitution, is good news for America’s working families. Two months ago, President Obama organized a bipartisan, bicameral group of legislators to craft a framework to reduce the deficit in a balanced manner.  Instead of accepting a plan that cut spending and closed tax loopholes, Republicans left the group and drafted legislation to enshrine their radical agenda within the Constitution. The legislation passed by the House and rejected by the Senate would require a simple majority vote to create tax loopholes for special interests, while at the same time requiring a supermajority vote to repeal special tax breaks. It would permit Medicare to be gutted by a simple majority of Members of Congress but make it virtually impossible to eliminate tax havens for millionaires and billionaires.

“It is essential for our economy that we get on a sensible path to deficit reduction, to promote long term economic growth without doing short term damage to our fragile economy. In order to achieve this goal we must pursue a balanced solution to our fiscal problem. This bill is balanced in name only. I applaud the Senate for rejecting it.”