Van Hollen Statement on the House Republican Budget

Mar 20, 2012 Issues: FY13 Republican Budget

Washington, DC – Today Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement responding to the Republican Budget released this morning.

“Today the House Republicans released a budget that simply represents more of the same – abandoning the economic recovery and ending the Medicare guarantee while continuing tax breaks for special interests and the very wealthy.  If you’re Mitt Romney you're going to love this budget, which provides another round of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and does it at the expense of middle class taxpayers and senior citizens. The Republican plan will do nothing to promote jobs, rebuild our country, or support working families.  It ends the Medicare guarantee and shifts the burden of rising health care costs on to seniors. And it rewards corporations that ship American jobs overseas while slashing investments in education and scientific research that help America compete in the global economy.

“The question is not whether we should reduce the deficit, but how – Democrats want to take a balanced approach. We are focused on putting Americans back to work in the short-term while also working to put in place right now a long-term plan to get our fiscal house in order.  We can modernize and strengthen programs like Medicare without breaking our promises to seniors and shredding the social safety net.  And we can make smart spending reductions without slashing investments in our nation’s future that will pay dividends for generations.

“To govern is to choose, but the Republican budget presents a false choice that further divides our country.  They provide a gilded path to prosperity for the already wealthy, while leaving working Americans and future generations behind.  Instead of more of the same, we must work together on a balanced path forward that protects the promise and opportunity of the American Dream for all.”