Van Hollen Statement on House Passage of Extension of Bush-Era Tax Cuts

Aug 1, 2012 Issues:


Washington, DCToday Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement on the House passage of an extension of all of the Bush-Era Tax Cuts:

“With this vote, House Republicans once again have shown that they stand with millionaires and special interests – even if that means blowing a bigger hole in the deficit and holding tax relief for the middle class hostage. The Democratic proposal would give 100 percent of Americans a tax cut, and ensure that 98 percent of individual filers and 97 percent of businesses receive a full extension of the existing tax cuts. The middle class tax cut bill has already passed the Senate, and if it had passed in the House today it could, in short order, have been presented to the President, avoiding a tax increase on over 114 million American families.

“Unfortunately, the GOP is doubling down on their pledge to Grover Norquist, millionaires, and big oil companies.  Under the guise of defending ‘mom and pop’ small businesses, they continue to protect unaffordable tax breaks for some Fortune 500 companies and money managers like Bain Capital.  Congressional Republicans had a choice today, and they decided to let this critical opportunity slip away and instead hold tax cuts for everyone hostage to a bonus tax break for the top 2 percent. Democrats will continue to fight for the needs of hard-working, middle class American families.”