Van Hollen Offers CR Alternative, Sequester Replacement

Sep 12, 2013 Issues: Sequester


Washington, DC – Today Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement announcing the House Democratic plan to fund the government and replace the sequester:

“House Republicans’ dysfunction has reached new heights.  They continue to push this extreme ideological demand that we shut down the government unless we hand control of Americans’ health care back to the insurance industry.

“According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, failing to replace the sequester will mean up to 1.6 million fewer jobs by this time next year. These cuts would force kids out of Head Start, kick seniors off Meals on Wheels, and slash critical investments in research and technology. Even before sequestration, we have already cut these public investments by over $1.2 trillion. Shutting down the government could impact everything from when our men and women in uniform are paid, to the review of Social Security and veterans disability claims, to new federal loan guarantees for homebuyers.

“While the GOP is scrambling, Democrats are committed to practical solutions for American families and businesses.  That is why we’re offering a plan that would replace the sequester for the full fiscal year, ensure the government doesn’t shut down, and set funding for FY 2014 at the agreed-upon level in the Budget Control Act.  Our plan would create jobs, accelerate economic growth, and reduce the deficit in a balanced way.  America doesn’t need self-inflicted economic wounds and partisan gamesmanship.  We need to focus on putting people back to work and moving our country forward.”


The House Democratic alternative, which Congressman Van Hollen will offer as an amendment to the continuing resolution, would replace the sequester for the full fiscal year through a balanced approach of spending cuts and revenue increases. It would also fund the government through November 15, 2013 and set levels for the remainder of FY 2014 at $1.058 trillion.  This is the level established in the Budget Control Act. House Republicans have refused to take up the Democratic sequester replacement bill seven times this year, while failing to put forth their own plan. To read more about the Stop the Sequester Job Loss for 2014 Act, click here