Van Hollen Announces House Democratic Budget Alternative

Apr 7, 2014 Issues: FY15 Democratic Budget


Washington, DC – Today Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement announcing the House Democratic budget alternative:

“The House Democratic budget is focused on the priorities of the American people – putting people back to work, making critical investments in our future, and keeping our promises to seniors.  It stands in stark contrast to the Republican budget, which casts a dark shadow over the American Dream and is a recipe for our nation’s economic decline. 

“Where Republicans in Congress gut funding that would boost the economy and help our nation succeed in the 21st century economy, we invest in our kids’ education, infrastructure, and life-saving research.  Where they provide perverse incentives for companies to ship American jobs overseas and hit middle class families with children with an average tax increase of $2,000, we call for tax reform that promotes the growth of American businesses and tax fairness for all families. Where they end the current Medicare guarantee and raise the average premiums for traditional Medicare to 50 percent higher than current law, we strengthen Medicare and ensure seniors have retirement security. 

“Our visions for the future could not be more different. We believe that, when faced with this choice, Americans will support our plan to grow the middle class and build an economy that has shared prosperity.”

To read the text of the legislation and a summary, click here.