The Republican Spending Cut Bill - Like Their Budget - Makes the Wrong Choices for America

Issues: Reconciliation

The Republican bill (H.R. 6684) protects special interest tax breaks but slashes health care for kids, food and nutrition assistance for struggling families, and vital safety net programs.

  • Keeps in place the 2 percent cut to Medicare under the upcoming sequester.
  • Eliminates health care coverage for at least 300,000 kids on the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Reduces food and nutrition assistance to every household receiving SNAP benefits almost immediately – and over 20 million beneficiaries are kids. 
  • Denies nearly 300,000 children school meals, on top of losing the benefits that provide food at home.
  • Zeroes out the Social Services Block Grant, which helps 23 million children, seniors, and people with disabilities become self-sufficient and economically independent.
    • This grant funds programs like Meals on Wheels, prevention of child abuse, and child care for working parents.  
  • Repeals the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which supports things like cancer screenings for women and immunizations. 

    • 326,000 women would not get the breast cancer screenings and 284,000 women would not get the cervical cancer screenings they are slated to receive in 2013.

Democrats offered a fair and balanced approach

  • Earlier this year, Democrats proposed to replace the sequester with a responsible combination of cuts to agriculture subsidies and revenues from cutting taxpayer subsidies for big oil companies and asking the wealthiest to share greater responsibility in reducing the deficit.  
  • Not only did Republicans not support that plan, they blocked it from having a vote on the House floor.
  • The President has proposed a balanced approach to deficit reduction that would replace the entire ten-year sequester.